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I've been in the group a while but don't often access it.  I' finishing up a circumnavigation and planning to replace the rigging on my 1995 Super Maramu.  It looks great to me, but it is 22 years old.  I have three quotes from different riggers in different countries. The costs vary greatly for both labor and parts, but especially labor.  I have included a summary of the quotes below broken down by labor and parts.  All quotes are for 316 stainless steel and includes all turnbuckles and upper eye pieces.  My question to this forum is whether any of you have knowledge of Jason Romell in Trinidad.  I've had good reports on Gaetan of Caraibe Marine  in Martinique who is recommended by the local Amel office.   Romell is recommended by Peake Yachts in Trinidad where my boat is on the hard.  I include these details since it may help other owners thinking of re-rigging.  BTW, one owner noted that he was told by Gaetan that he had never seen an Amel with a failed rig.  I provide the costs in Euros and US Dollars converted at a rate of 1.19 US dollars per Euro.  

Quote From             Euro              Labor           Euro            Parts         Euro          Total     Dollars      Total
Trinidad - Jason Romell 1,513 6,607 8,119 $9662
Martinique - Caraibe Marine 3,429 8,106 11,535 $13,726
Seattle - Northwest Rigging 8,580 9,552 18,132 $21,577
Seattle Higher Than Trinidad By 150% 18% 57% 57%
Martinique Higher Than Trinidad By 127% 23% 42% 42%
NW Higher Than Trinidad By 467% 45% 123% 123%

I am trending toward the less expensive quote from Trinidad contingent on meeting Jason on Friday.  But I'm very tempted to go for the more expensive quote from Martinique given the recommendation form Amel.   Ken Powers had Aquarius rigged in Martinique last year and was quite happy.  

Any comments appreciated.  Happy New Year to all!

Bill Shaproski
S/V Pacific Cool

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