Anyone need Climma AC parts?

Ryan Meador

Hi all,
As you may know from my previous messages on this list, I've replaced all 3 of my Climma control systems with new third-party ones.  I'd like the removed parts to find a new life rather than end up in the landfill.  Here's what I have:

  • One fully-functional control panel (with temperature probe and harness).  I understand these are hard to come by, so I'd like $50 + shipping for it
  • Two partially-functional control panels which could perhaps be combined into one fully-functional one -- one has a bad switch, the other has a bad temperature probe.  Both have had the connectors cut off the harnesses, but they can be easily spliced back together.  Just pay shipping
  • Three control boxes in various states of disassembly (one without black plastic cover).  They all fully worked when taken apart.  They need a couple new internal wires (I had to cut a few to take it apart), and the capacitors may be due for replacing but I'll include them anyways.  Just pay shipping.
Let me know if anything strikes your fancy!

SM 233 Iteration
Boston, MA, USA

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