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When a rigger uses inch size wire they also wind up using inch fittings.

That includes the clevis pins. The USA ones are slightly larger so the chain plates and many other things have to be  drilled out to fit.


Gaetan does use Acmo fittings throughout the re-rig. However he has spools of wire and just duplicated the rigging he takes down., less a little for stretching. He has a couple of rotary swaging machines, that I have never seen before except in very big yards. He replaces every nut , bolt and washer on the rig.


You can also save on the IVA by using an agent on the island to declare your boat in transit.


I originally wrote Acmo for the price of a complete set of rigging and Gaetan came in less expensive.

Please remember that AMEL has 3 places in the world that service their boats, The AMEL representative and chief  of the office Jean COLLIN  is on the dock all the time and checks on the progress of all work done to our boats.

I have work done on the watermaker and engine also done there and the work is exceptional.

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Thanks for the information.


As you know, not all rigging wire is created equal, and rigging wire is made in metric and inch dimensions. I noted that you did not specify, but I am fairly sure that the rigging wire available in Seattle and possibly Trinidad are inch. My experience is that when riggers use inch dimensions, they use slightly smaller wire than the original metric dimensions than Amel uses.


Additionally, Chinese stainless steel is popping up everywhere. Did you ask for a certificate of origin or some other proof of country of manufacture? Also, I have seen many riggers use existing Amel rigging parts when re-rigging an Amel because they cannot source some parts, especially the small turnbuckle on the forestay.


Over the years I have seen many marine suppliers cave into the price pressure placed on them and when people only compare prices. Many of these suppliers give their customers what they ask for...the lowest price without regard to quality. The best examples of this are the very low quality products offered by Worst Marine.


Lastly, I am familiar with a Super Maramu owner that used the wrong rigger, who used bad materials about a year ago. He is going to sail to Martinique to have everything replaced again. Martinique isn't the only good place to replace Amel SM rigging, but they certainly are the most experienced on this side of the Atlantic. I have a quote from them done in 2016 for 9032..34 Euro. I am going to write Gaetan and ask what the difference is. I will CC you of the email.


I believe that you are on the right track, but there are other variables that you need to address in your comparisons.


Your current rigging lasted 22 years and on a recent circumnavigation. There has to be a reason that Amel OEM rigging outlasts other rigging by almost two times the norm. The OEM rigging is available in kit form and ready to install from ACMO, the OEM supplier to Amel for your boat. The kit includes everything down to the washers. Email philippe"at"


I hope this helps you.




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I've been in the group a while but don't often access it.  I' finishing up a circumnavigation and planning to replace the rigging on my 1995 Super Maramu.  It looks great to me, but it is 22 years old.  I have three quotes from different riggers in different countries. The costs vary greatly for both labor and parts, but especially labor.  I have included a summary of the quotes below broken down by labor and parts.  All quotes are for 316 stainless steel and includes all turnbuckles and upper eye pieces.  My question to this forum is whether any of you have knowledge of Jason Romell in Trinidad.  I've had good reports on Gaetan of Caraibe Marine  in Martinique who is recommended by the local Amel office.   Romell is recommended by Peake Yachts in Trinidad where my boat is on the hard.  I include these details since it may help other owners thinking of re-rigging.  BTW, one owner noted that he was told by Gaetan that he had never seen an Amel with a failed rig.  I provide the costs in Euros and US Dollars converted at a rate of 1.19 US dollars per Euro.  



Quote From  

          Euro              Labor

          Euro            Parts

        Euro          Total

    Dollars      Total

Trinidad - Jason Romell





Martinique - Caraibe Marine





Seattle - Northwest Rigging





Seattle Higher Than Trinidad By





Martinique Higher Than Trinidad By





NW Higher Than Trinidad By





I am trending toward the less expensive quote from Trinidad contingent on meeting Jason on Friday.  But I'm very tempted to go for the more expensive quote from Martinique given the recommendation form Amel.   Ken Powers had Aquarius rigged in Martinique last year and was quite happy.  


Any comments appreciated.  Happy New Year to all!


Bill Shaproski

S/V Pacific Cool





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