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Ian Shepherd

Hi Bill,

yes I am aware of the Victron brand, which apart from one disastrous product that set fire to several boats, is held in high esteem. Unfortunately to buy a Victron Phoenix 24V/2000VA unit in Europe will set you back US$1243. Yes about the same cost as the Cristec repair and 400VA more output, but the convenience of knowing that the repaired unit will match the battery cables and mountings tends to sway me to go for the repair. The only nagging doubt is what actually caused mine to fail, causing a relay to actually explode. It might possibly have been an insulation breakdown caused by dirt on the PCB, which looked pretty dirty around that area. I guess 12-13 years trouble free use is a fair innings. THanks for your suggestion.


Ian Shepherd SM2K 414 Crusader Larnaca  Cyprus

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We installed a Victron inverter/charger that we have been very happy with--so far.  No noticable electrical noise, low idle current draw.  They make a full line of chargers, inverters, solar controllers, and such.  Nothing onboard has complained about the quality of power.  It is pretty sophisticated, and the charger and inverter functions are highly configurable.

The are a Dutch company, so I assume they are widely available in the EU.  The 2KW inverter is about US$850 from their US outlets.

Will it last 20 years?  Come back and ask me in another 19...
Bill Kinney
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Crusader is fitted with a Cristec 1600VA 50Hz inverter which has just
failed. Having taken it out and examined it briefly, it would seem that
there is damage to one of the relays and evidence of burnt tracks on one
of the PCB's. Cristec will repair the unit by replacing both the PCB's
but to do so will cost around €1050 including shipping. The 1600VA model
is no longer available. A 2000VA model costs €1528 plus VAT at 20%.

I shall probably send it back for repair, but before doing so I am
wondering if there are any recommendations for a good cheaper
alternative? You can get a 2KW inverter for less than $400 on eBay, but
I would expect that they might be electrically very noisy and the sine
wave not so 'pure' as is claimed, which could cause equipment damage.

Does anyone recommend a cheaper alternative that will not cause
interference to laptops, SSB, Navtex etc?

With thanks

Ian Shepherd SM2K 414 Crusader Larnaca Cyprus

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