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Barry Connor

Hi Mohamed,
We just did our bottom with copper coat in Monastir Tunisia. They have now done two 54’s there that I am aware of. 28 days on the hard, we stayed on the boat and I supervised totally. Copper Coat supplied from UK, they said 21 liters I bought 25 liters and could have used 26 liters, put 6 continuous costs on painting a side a day. The prep took up most of the time. Didn’t do any mechanicals in Monastir, had all that done in Marseille and Hyeres previous year, parts supplied from AMEL. We changed the complete battery bank and starter (13 total)in Nov 2016. Got them from Battery MegaStore online in UK and France, they are doing fine expect them to last a few years. Cost about €90 each, got them with free terminal lugs to connect straight onto the boat cables.
The sail to Monastir was comfortable 3 days 2 nights each way catching 3 tuna in total. All the prices we got in Sicily were too much and I was not allowed to supervise. Monastir will haul you out and paint in 3 days max using your own paint or their supplied paint which I would not trust. I am not on my boat until later this month but if you want all the prices and details I will look for them.
It was hard work and when I left I said I would not go back but now after a few months of thought I would use them again.  I didn’t get cheated but had to watch everything. We also took a new roll 15 meters of alcantara from Italy and got the local Monastir Marina do complete saloon reupholstered for €500. Perfect professional job. Got other jobs done also, sails hull and top sides polished, stainless cleaned. We are still putting together a video.

Best Regards
Barry and Penny
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Marina di Ragusa. Sicily

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Hi everyone;

We need to haul out in May 2018 for our bottom paint, bow Thruster and C-drive  service. We also need to change out our batteries and possibly install an arch and solar. Looking for recommendation of yards and outfits that you have worked with and can recoomend in southern Sicily, Malta area. I have read most of the discussions on battery selection on the forum. Would appreciate recommended suppliers in the med or other areas that can ship to the med.

Thanks as always;

Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

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