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I agree 100% with your recommendations. In fact, I will not recommend any other brokers, or any other surveyor.


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As a recent SM buyer (July 2017) here's my recommendations on who to contact when looking for an SM:

In Europe:  Michael Charpentier

In Caribbean:  Caraibe Yachts JP Bahuaud/Stephanie Dupland  

JP works out of Guadeloupe and Stephanie Dupland is in Martinique in Le Marin literally next door to the Amel Offices.  I worked mainly with Stephanie Dupland on my purchase and it was an absolute pleasure.  She even helped me AFTER the sale was closed getting the boat ready to bring back to the USA.  Not something you generally hear about working with a boat broker!

Good luck in your search!  And last, use Olivier Beaute as your surveyor:  He's absolutely fantastic.

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA



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