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Hi James,  

Welcome.  As your broker suspects, the floor is a lattice arrangement and may have rotted over the years.  I lower the anchor/chain and wash the area twice a year.  I let it dry if possible before bringing the chain/anchor in..

One great video giving a detailed tour of an SM2K was produced by Aquarius.  Only 30 minutes but thoroughly presented,  it would flatten your learning curve considerably.

“Aquarius Sailing around the world” or something like that.

VVG tour.

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Hi everyone..

Lovely group you've got here with an amazing amount of good information to hand. We hope to contribute in coming years as we cruise. 

I am looking at a 2001 SM currently for sale in Europe. We plan on long distance indefinite cruising with a family. The boat, for some reason has had it's anchor locker floor cut away, the agent suspects it was rotten.

Has anyone experienced this same issue? Just seems a bit strange as I've not heard this before on a SM.

Many thanks in advance


SM buyer!

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