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Marcel Krauth <marcel.krauth@...>

Hi Mohammad,

The design from this arch was done by the old owner of "SoleilBleu" a 54 he sole in 2016
Riza fromEmeck marine has taken the muserments fromthat Arch to do the one from my boat with sainless steel 316L the cost was around 3000 euros but today he is asking 4000
You can join this person at cagdas@... his office is in Goceck Turkey
I was following the construction, he had a very good welder and I use it since 2013 also hanging on my 3m10 boat with 15hp engine


Marcel Krauth
54 Ganesha nr 171
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Hello Marcel;
Can you please share the contact information of the place that you purchased your Arch and the outfit that installed it for you? Where youhappy with the installation and the performance? Can you also please share how much it cost to fabricate and install?
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099

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Hi everyone

This is my solar Arch on Amel 54 171 with 440w solar panel an victron
mmpt regulation

Kind regards

Marcel Krauth

Ganesha 54 nr 171 in Preveza Greece at the moment

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