Battery charging

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

Hello Ivar,
I suspect that the problem is the result of the batteries being fully
discharged during the winter and thus killed off.
Delphi Freedom batteries should be charged up to 29.6 volts according
to the specifications given in Reyas instructions for their Dolphin 2
charger which was introduced about 2003.This model has a switch to
change the charge/float rates for the various sorts of batteries.
I have the previous model which does not have this switch. It charges
up to 28.8volts. My batteries are still pretty good after seven years
although I think some are on their last legs as I had to change
one of them two years ago. One of the claimed advantages of calcium-
lead batteries like Delphi is apparently that they have a much lower
self discharge rate than other types.
I turn every thing off when I am leaving the boat for the winter and
check on the Emeter to see that I have succeeded
as the battery on my car was ruined as the memory of the radio and the
pretend alarm flattened it.
The Reya Agents in Greece are Alex Marine, 5 Leochous Street, Piraeus,
185-31. I got the new battery in Kos Marina,I think from C. Mylonas,
ph 2242024768. The replacement was a Delphi truck battery which is
apparently the same as the marine except that the terminals are not in
the same position.

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