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Our newer generation Victron MultiPlus is a bit better at idle power draw, but not wildly so.  It has three possible modes.

One is fully on and powered up.  That uses about 20 Watts if nothing else is turned on.

There are two "search modes." One powers the circuit all the time with a distorted sine wave looking for power users, and then switches to "normal" when something draws power.  This uses about 15 Watts.  

Finally is full search mode, where the output is powered up every 2 seconds or so looking for users.  If none are found, it shuts off again.  This uses about 10 Watts.

We always use the "full search" mode and have not had any problems. If we plug in a computer, it pops on right away, and and the inverter shuts itself off when we unplug it.  It has behaved "properly" with everything we have ever plugged into it.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
North Bimini, Bahamas

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We installed the «PROsine 1800i Part # 806-1884 24V Hardwire w/ transfer relay», with «Remote Interface Panel Part # 808-1800» similar to what the Amel factory installed on Bill Rouse's boat.   

Whether on or off, it makes no difference to RF noise levels on any equipment on the boat that I've noticed.  Ours has worked fine and sometimes pretty hard for 4 years... in fact back in the States we used it as 24x7 power supply when on shore power given the fact all appliances onboard (down to the toothbrushes) are 230V/50Hz.

The only downside to this inverter is that it consumes somewhere between 25w and 50w just by being turned on.  I have heard that more modern inverters are more efficient when on but not actually supplying any power... evidently this inverter design is at least 15 years old.


SM2K No. 350 (2002)
Herzliya, Israel

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