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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Bill

On Island Pearl II we installed the sister unit to yours, ie. a Victron MultiPlus 24v/3000w/70amp inverter/charger and we are extremely happy with it. Our two Dophin 30 and 50 chargers are still working fine, but only there for back up now as the Victron is so much faster and efficient.

Rather than bore everyone here perhaps on this specific question, perhaps you could email me directly on colin.cruisingpoint@.... I am particularly keen to know how you connected your system up?. In my case I placed this unit on the RHS of the navstation so that it is right up close to the batteries with good oversized cable going directly through the battery cavity wall (appropriately sealed off of course) , and the shore power now comes in directly to this unit, through it, and then into the normal AC system control panel.

I am particularly interested to know if/where you ran the ground cable which attached onto the outside shell/steel case of the unit? 

Best regards

Amel53 #332, PHUKET
Phuket for now... soon to cross the northern Indian Ocean to Maldives.

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Strictly in the "for what it's worth" file...

I have had a number of Xantrex products over many years... and never been happy with any of them.  I found them to be short lived and fragile. Sometimes I am a slow learner.

Bill Kinney
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Colin Streeter
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