Wireless wind instrument


Good Morning Amelians,

I've had consistent problems with my B&G wind instruments. Processor problems, mast head unit problems (bad bearing, computer board-in the masthead, twice), which has put me in a situation where I've been without proper readings, and in some cases with no readings at all while offshore.

While I'm currently getting the latest mastheat problems repaired, I'm considering getting a wireless unit installed as a backup. I'd prefer not to get a backup wired system installed at this point.

Has anyone installed a wireless one, and if so, which one, and what are your experiences been with it?

I've done a bit of research. 

Raymarine makes one, and the reviews I've read are awful.

Clipper makes one, which may be somewhat flimsy, but the reviews have been good.

I don't mind ponying up for something of good quality, but it seems choices are limited.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14

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