Re: Inverter Replacement


Here's another experience with the Xantrex:  

My original Xantrex 1800 was installed (by a professional electrician) in Dec of 2016.

It failed in July of 2017 and was replaced by the manufacturer, after only 6 months in service.

The replacement failed again today, after only 5 months of service.  During that 5 months, it has only been used to run the microwave several times per week.  Otherwise it is switched off.

I would not recommend this manufacturer for anything but the junk pile.

At this point I'm thinking about putting in a different brand altogether, even though the warranty has another 11 months.  

The error code was "System Shutdown" which relates to "Overload or system hardware fault".  There were no loads connected when I switched it on.  In addition, it is only connected to the 220V breakers for "Outlets" and "Microwave", so I don't know how there could have been an overload.  The input voltage was 

Wanderer, SM#477

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