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It is best to post your boat type and serial number when asking a question.

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My 8 Lifeline AGM 105 AmpHr batteries are pretty much gone so I've ordered 8 new GPL-31T 105 Am Hr batteries from DC Battery in Fort Lauderdale and had them air air shipped to Trinidad.  The cost of the batteries was $2524 and shipping was $680.  If I had shipped by sea it would have cost about $200 but  could not find anyone to receive them in Trinidad if I wasn't there.  The air shipment was handled by Ezone.  The contact for Ezone is Paul Pantin, tel: 868-620-6135. I am happy with the service from DC Battery and Ezone.  Even with the air freight it was cheaper than buying them either in Trinidad or Grenada.  FYI, each battery weighs 70 pounds.

My question involves how to actually replace them.  I plan to take a picture of the existing battery installation for reference.  Then I will use masking tape to label each battery with a number and each cable (at both ends) with the number of the battery to which it is attached including whether it's the plus or minus terminal. Next I will take a picture of the labeled installation or simply make a diagram on paper.   Then I will disconnect the batteries with the big red handles in the pilot berth and turn off all power to the boat.  After that I will remove the batteries, inspect each cable and their terminals for corrosion, looseness etc and repair as required.  Next I will position all 8 batteries in place and reconnect all the cables using the photo or diagram.  Next I will ask the boss to check that everything is correctly connected per the diagram.  Once that is conformed I will close the red battery handles and restore boat power.  If all is OK, I will turn on the battery charger and fully charge the batteries,  Lastly, I will check that the vent line is clear.  

I ask any of you electrical experts if my plan is sound or if you think i have overlooked something.  My past experience with battery replacement is a 6 volt  battery on a 51 Ford in 1959 and a 6 volt battery on a 1959 BMW R50 motorcycle.  I included the purchase and shipment details in case anyone else is considering battery replacement in the Caribbean.  Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.  

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