Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Liferaft, Locker or Deck Cradle?

Eric Freedman

I think the liferaft is in a good spot.

I believe if it is mounted on the rail or the deck, it will suffer more
abuse. Many life rafts are not made to be hung off a rail.

More importantly, the weight. On my last boat, I had a Jordan series drogue
in an aft locker. It took two of us to push and kick the 100-pound drogue
into the locker. When I was in 50-70 plus knots and needed it, I pulled it
out with one hand.

You would be very surprised how strong you get in a disaster.

Incidentally, it worked fantastically and I had one made for Kimberlite and
keep it in the port locker. I believe it is the best drag device on the

Fair Winds,


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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In my opinion an liferaft in a locker may be useless in an emergency
situation. To lift a raft out of a locker may be very difficult in storm
conditions. I know mine was hard to remove from the lazerette when I was at
a dock! When I replace mine it would be with a deck mounted cannister . --
Bill Klein - SV Popeye
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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Liferaft, Locker or Deck Cradle?

factor. Looking forward to reading your suggestions.=20=20 Joe
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The question of where the liferaft should be positioned on our club
owned Santorin has arisen. It has been suggested that it would be
better if the liferaft was mounted on the rail or deck. Personally I'm
of the opinion that if it ain't broken don't fix it and for the last
thing I would want to abandon, to get into a liferaft, is an Amel. But
the suggestion has come from a respected club member with vast sea
experience,and as it is a club boat with various levels of
experience,this suggestion has to be evaluated. As we are new to the
Amel Family (3 years now and enjoying it thoroughly), I hope that the
vast experience out there will come to my aid. The Club is called The
East Coast Garda Sailing Club based in Dun Laoire, Ireland. We are
basically a group of people with an interest in sailing who got
together to do a bit of cruising during the summer and day sailing
during the winter on the Santorin "Khamsin B" We also are involved
racing on our other boat. The purchase of Khamsin as you can immagine
has extended out our horisons big time, but with that comes the safety
Looking forward to reading your suggestions.
Joe McDonnell

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