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I used the secondary output of the Victron for the second battery charger because it was the one thing that I would NEVER want be powered by the inverter pulling power from the batteries. 

For those of you who might not be familiar with the Victron setup, the Primary Output is powered by either lines power OR the inverter, while the secondary output is lines power ONLY and is shut down if lines power is not available, so it never feeds off the battery.

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Thanks a ton for your explanations and diagram. A huge help to me and peace of mind that we have it done the same way as your system. Interesting that you sent your 2nd power out of the Victron to the 2nd charger. I had not though of that and did not use that 2nd power out feature yet.

On our previous boat, an Island Packet, we had the exact same 100% duplicated 110v and 230v systems running through a Heart2000 system 110v, and then the same Mastervolt 2000 inv-ch, so I understand how yours was done too.

All the very best to you in 2018, we intend to be in the Caribbean in 2019 Feb.

Best regards

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