Re: Liferaft, Locker or Cradle?

joseph mc donnell

Hi All
Thanks guys for your quick replies. I probably should have told you
all that the liferaft is a 10 man cannister (big bugger),which came of
our last cruiser (a bendy toy). I can see that a lot of thought has
gone into this problem in the past. Im in agreement with a lot of
suggestions. I came to the same solution as Bill and raised the
canister to just under the lip (beer bottle crates cut to size) . We
all know about the benifits of a little bit of fear on your strength.
The practiced timed launch suggested by Robin sounds like a good idea,
especially for inexperienced crew. I think that hoisting out the
liferaft using the boom should be forgotten about. Its a lot of weight
that can take off across the cockpit, in a rough sea, if attached to
the boom. I do'nt think that Eric spot on the rail would be suitable
for our liferaft considering the weight. This I belive leaves two
options either on the deck or beside the aft steps outside the rail.
This leads to the next question, is reinforcement required to the deck.
Thanks again, Its good to have answers for club members.
Yours Joe McDonnell

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