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Thank you Mohammad. I am hoping to hear something much as you recall, an explanation as to why this should be avoided, or why, under certain circumstances perhaps, it might be fine. It would obviously reduce charging time, and therefor generator run time. 

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Steve Morrison

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Hello Steve;
On our 54 during the survey, we were told by Olivier not to turn both chargers on at the same time. He may have have shared the reason but I do not recall. May be Olivier can jump in and clarify. Not sure of the 54 and the SM are wired the same, but I would think that the same logic would apply.
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
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If I am running the generator just to charge the batteries, meaning I have no other load on the generator, is there a downside to engaging both the 100 amp and the 30 amp dolphin chargers? As an example, tonight I was at 88% (-71 amps) and when I engaged the “battery Gen” charger, I was putting in 45 amps, but when I added “battery shore”, I was putting in 70 amps.

My question is, why is this a bad idea? Is it a bad idea? Are there negative trade-offs to running both? Thoughts?

All the best,
Steve Morrison
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