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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Bill

Good point, I have never tried running two at the same time. We have just taken our solar from 540w to 850w so bringing the genset runnning times down a fair bit. Yesterday, a nice sunny one here in Phuket we ran 3 loads of washing (full 1.5+ hrs cycle each) pretty much all afternoon just on solar via inverter, no generator or shore power.

Unfortunately our worst enemy is our own bad habits of preferring to use the electric kettle, electric toaster etc etc on board (just like at home) instead of gas so still doing one hour in morning and one hour late at night of genset. We have often left the boat for a week or more (even when cloudy) with one freezer and fridge running with the previous 540w. Going into the Indian Ocean now for 9 months, and needing to carry so much extra food, I am hoping to be able to do this with two freezers running, hence the increase to 840w. (Tried to fit 1kw but not enough space on our boat!). I should add we have 2 x latest generation Rutland 1200 wind generators and have seen 10amps x 26.4v on each of them sometimes in high winds, so they are absolutely a fantastic addition.

Never ending goal of trying to run the boat completely on nature! Unfortunately here in Asia there has been a high need to use the motor. Normally we sail everywhere so looking forward to getting into the Indian Ocean in the next 4 weeks.

Best regards

SV Island Pearl II, aMEL53 #332

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We actually use the second battery charger much of the time when we are charging with the genset. Our new batteries can easily take over 100 amps of charging current for much of the charge cycle.  Adding another 50 amps to the 70 the Victron makes, just makes things faster.

Anything we can do to reduce the genset duty cycle make our lives more enjoyable and the boat more self-sufficient.

So far our solar installation, charger upgrade, and switching battery types has dropped us from about three hours a day, down to an average of a bit less than one hour a day, with many days of none at all. Which should drop even further as the sun returns to the northern hemisphere :)

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