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You only need to use the special tool to replace the foam seals and lower lip seal. This usually only needs to be done at haul out. This requires fully removing the bow thruster. If you only wish to replace the upper lip seal and foam donut ring to stop any leaking, this can be done without fully removing the bow thruster. I have found that the upper lip seal (inside the boat) wearing out it the most often cause of any leaking.


To replace the upper seals, fasten a large hose clamp on the shaft to prevent the unit from falling out of the boat. Place the clamp about half way down the shaft. Disconnect the shaft from the motor and allow the unit to drop to the clamp sitting on the old seal. Slip a new foam and lip seal over the shaft at the top. Refasten the shaft to the motor and then remove the clamp. Remove the old lip foam and lip seals but cutting them in half. Clean the area. Then, slide down the new foam and lip seals. Secure them in place.


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Hello everyone - I'm directing this email to Amel owners in Martinique - 

I need to change out lip seals on my bow thruster and I'd like to remove the lower unit with the boat in the water.  To do so, I would need the wooden shaft that attaches to the lower unit to lower it out of the hull.  


Does anyone have one on hand that I could borrow for a day or two?  I will be in Le Marin between 1/9 and 1/16.  


Good evening to you all. 



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Le Marin


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