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Brown's shore power is the last piece of the hurricane damage to be repaired.  The new power pylons are all in place, and they are wiring them up.  Should be back shortly...

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North Bimini, Bahamas

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What happened to the shore power at Brown’s? They had power when we were there a couple of years back.



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We'll second the vote for Browns. The only downside is that right now they don't have shore power on the docks, so if that is important to you, Bimini Big Game might be the better choice.  They are working on it...on island time. Everything else is in very good shape. Bimini Big Game looks nice on a walk through, although this time of year (between fishing seasons) everything here is really quiet. Right now there are three boats in Brown's, maybe a half dozen in Bimini Big Game.  Might change for the weekend, there is a big wahoo fishing tournament.


If you do come to Brown's and you want the restaurants and bars at Bimini Big Game, they are just a short walk away.


We're pulling out of Brown's tomorrow, and anchoring in Nixons Harbor for a day or two, then heading up to Freeport, then to the Berry Islands... then south... Watch for us on AIS!


All the marinas here have a very strong tidal current that runs through more or less parallel to the slips, so be ready for it.  The entrance channel has plenty of water, and the buoys are in place and correctly mark the channel, although they don't match the chart exactly. Trust the buoys more than the chart. Except...there was one errant red nun that was sitting right on top of the sand bar that wasn't on the chart at all, and looked to have drifted in from somewhere else.




Bill Kinney

SM160, Harmonie

North Bimini, Bahamas

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