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There are three seals involved:

-The "outer" seals which do the primary sealing when the thruster is lifted underway, 
-The "inner" seal which seals when the thruster is lowered, and 
-The lip seal which keeps water out while moving in between "up" and "down".

The "inner seal" (the one you can see inside the cabin), is not really doing any meaningful sealing while the thruster is in the raised position, only when it is down for operation.

If your seals are relatively new and are leaking a bit while underway, you can probably fix it by raising the thurster's pinned position a few millimeters and compressing the seals more. You might want to try this before you replace the seals.  The foam gaskets that make the lower seal take a bit of a "set" when they are first compressed, so need a bit more compression to stay sealed for the long term.

Once you drop the thruster lower unit and lift it up on deck, it is a simple matter to replace the "lower" seals, as well as the others.

A general comment from the last service I did on our thruster:

The shaft tube was "furry" with glass fibers.  They would have torn up the lip seal in very short order, so I ran 800 grit sand paper over the shaft to be sure it was smooth, and then liberally greased it with waterproof silicon grease. 

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
North Bimini, Bahamas

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Thanks for the replies regarding the bow thruster. It was service only a year Ago and had new seals installed, though I noted some water seepage around the inside donut while under sail.  It would be nice to change just the inner seals, but I’m concerned that the compression fit of the outer seals may be part of the problem. 

As far as changing the name, I haven’t gone through the ritual of changing the nam yet ... so everything is still “la Bella Vita “ until that time... 

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Good morning James,

I saved mine (and it is for sale).
I might be (50% chance) in Martinique on the 15 and can bring it if you want to borrow (or buy) it. But having so many Amel there I am sure you can borrow one much sooner.

How come La Bella Vita will become Soteria? Selling your? Or haven’t you changed the name since you purchase her?


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