Re: Inverter/Charger wiring advise

John Clark

and now Bill K some more inverter/charger talk:

I opened up the genset control head and traced the out the wiring.  There is an earth/bond connection but is is between the two field coils.  This means that the green/yellow wires are always 115v different than the hot(brown) or neutral(blue).  

The genset has been this way since installation many years ago, so it is apparently doing no harm.  Since as you pointed out the genset is connected to the bonding system, I will leave the AC safety jumper in place and see how it looks when I fire her up.  

The inverter will have two connections to the bonding system, one is "pass through" from the AC power  supplied by the generator or shore power.  The second is the chassis ground that the unit will connect to the AC output only when the inverter is supplying power.

John Clark
SV Annie SM 37
St. Augustine.

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