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Hi Bernard, Mark,

 We have had Coppercoat on since 2010. As reported before on this site we had mixed views the first season--the boat had been stationary in a muddy river in the UK for 6 months after application and in particular we hadn't given is a gentle sanding down before launch.

 Since then we have been very happy, though it's fair to say that the boat is now ashore most winters. We've been in the Med all this time, except for a few months on the west coast of Scotland.

A little slime builds up after a couple of months but comes off very easily.

 Application is actually pretty easy, though as with all such jobs it's important to prepare properly. In our case that meant sand blasting 10 years of antifouling. The guy who did it used a machine so precise that the gel coat looked as though it had just left the mould.

 At that point get a surveyor to run his moisture meter over the hull and give you a written report that it is in good order. After that, in our case, they had to slightly roughen up the gelcoat surface as we chose to put two coats of ordinary epoxy on before the Coppercoat. The iron keel needs to treated carefully with appropriate epoxy on a completely dry day.

 Once that preparation had been done, painting on the Coppercoat was very simple using a roller. It's a water based paint. It's really important to mix one litre at a time as the copper powder is heavy. You need one person mixing while another rolls. You can pretty well roll one coat straight away on another. There is not a lot of drying time needed--check on the instructions.

 We had sanded and painted antifouling for 33 years before we found Coppercoat and it achieves for us everything we hoped for.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Preveza, Greece

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Part of the argument for Copper Coat is their claim you save money not having to haul the boat as often. However, you will still need to haul an Amel to do drive maintenance. Therefore, not much of a savings when you think about it.


Also, the procedure to apply Copper Coat is not something an everyday boat yard does often or knows how to do. It is not as easy to apply as paint.


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Hello there
I’d be interested if n group members thoughts and ideas experience with coppercoat
Assuming the hull is dry and well prepared etc
All the best for the new year

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