Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] electrolysis on jib furling gearbox?

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It's been a while since I've studied this, but I don't think this is electrolysis in the typical sense (even though in most cases people misuse that word to mean "galvanic corrosion").  Galvanic isolators and zincs only afford protection to submerged metal where the ocean completes the circuit.  Dissimilar metals in direct contact with each other will galvanically corrode on their own, no ocean required.  The solution is to make sure they don't touch using some type of isolating grease.  I think Tef-Gel is the brand usually recommended for this type of thing.

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I have one end of this grouper permanently attached to the bonding at the fuel fill bonding clamp.

As soon as I pull into a marina I always drop it over the side. I had to rig a line to the groupers cable so there was not stain on the wire. You would be surprised how quickly the grouper gets dissolve in some marinas.

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While you are waiting to install a galvanic isolator, consider buying an additional easy to install (i.e. no haul out required) sacrificial anode like this one or similar:


It can be connected to the green/yellow bonding wire at a terminal in the Aft locker and then just hung off the back of the boat.  It will give you some additional protection of your underwater metal until you get the issue sorted.   


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