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Hi Alex,

Here is a note I received from my friend Marten in Bogota. He is a Dutch engineer who repairs circuit boards.

Please contact him directly and use my name.

Fair Winds

Eric Freedman

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. I even start to repair now for the Colombian navy. The boards need to have a minimum value of 500$, else it does not make sense to repair, but I guess it is. The epoxy might be an issue, it depends of how thick it is. It takes sometimes a lot of effort only to remove it. Best would be to send an email with a picture of the board, so we can check if it is worth to send and to repair. My professional email: co@...


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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] who does ONAN PCB board repairs?



Dear Amelians,

I had to buy a new PCB board for my ONAN generator which finally seems to work fine for more than just a couple days...

I kept my old board, hoping to find someone who knows how to analyze faults and eventually repair this rather expensive part and then keep it as a spare.

So does anyone of you know somebody who could do this work?

Best regards,


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