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Hi Eric

How are you. I read with intrest about this grounding strap in the
bildge. I did not know that it was even there. I will need to check
and see what condition its in. What did you look for and how can you
tell if it needs replacement. Does Amel sell a replacement?

By the way to the surprise of most people who make the Panama to
Galapagos trip its a windward bash as the prevailing winds are on the
nose. But the trip from The Galapagos to the Marquesas can be
magical. Wanderer in 2005 had steady trade winds from the SE at 15 to
25 knots the entire way, got up to 35 for the last day. I did use the
mizzen staysail quite a bit on that trip. Not only did it add a knot
of boat speed but it steadied the boat and virtually stopped the
rolling. With that sail up we crossed from Isabella island to Hiva Oa
in 16 1/2 days. A time not matched by any other similar size boat
that I know of.

Fair Winds

Vito Ciaravino
ASM 283

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Dear Bill & Judy,

Thanks for the info.

Have a safe passage.

If conditions are right, try using the genoa and mizzen ballooner.

Fair Winds,



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All we had was a 1/2" bit and it was too small. We had to work the
in the hole to enlarge it. The new strap is 1/8" copper and drills
easily. Unfortunately I did not measure the keel bolt, just made the
hole big enough by comparing it to the nut. My guess is that 3/4"

A couple of hints:

* You will need several 1/2" drive extensions to reach the nut. I
think I had 2 - 12" and 1 - 8" extensions
* Place some masking tape inside the socket to bind the nut...that
way the nut comes up or goes down with the socket.
* Since I did first this job I found some copper wire lug bolts. Let
me describe these: They look like a copper bolt and nut; except,
excluding the head, the bolt is split down the length of the bolt. I
used 2 of these. Drill a hole for bolt in the new strap and push the
bolt through the hole...now push the clean bare ends of the wires
through the space in the bolt. Tighten the nut on the bolt and you
have an all copper connection.
We are on the Pacific side of the Canal and departing for the
tomorrow...If there is anything else, let me know today as I will be
without Internet for some time.


Bill with Judy
Cruising on s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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how large is the hole that you drilled in the end of the bilge
grounding strap to acomodate the keel bolt?
I am headed off to the carib to replace it and want to make sure i
have the right size drill bit.
sm376 likberlite
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