Re: Shore power cord

Jose Venegas

Ryan, as Peregrinus, Ipanema has  I a semi-dumb (30 amp)  and a smart (60amp) charger, which use together when charging batteries with the generator.  When the batteries are accepting less than 60 amp I turn off the dumb charger.  So far no issues.

The European voltage in 3 phases is 440 between phases and 220 between phase and neutral while in the US is 220 between phases and 110 between phase and neutral.  To get 220 shore power in the US I connect the life and neutral of the cable between two phases of the 60 amp outlet and have the ground connected to the ground of the outlet.  Clearly here the two lines going to the system have a voltage relative to the ground.  I am not sure how much additional electrolysis this may cause but it is the way it was connected when I bought it.

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