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eric freedman


We have a 24 volt plug at my table in my cabin and in the head.

It is the same plug as on the fans. You could change the plug on your cpap machine and plug it into one of your fan outlets in your cabin.

Oddly enough all four of my regular crew use CPAP machines.

Fair Winds


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I'm going to put a 24 volt outlet in the aft cabin to run a CPAP (less than 2 amps at 24V) that has a 12/24 volt transformer block on the chord with a cigarette style plug.  


My problem is I can't seem to find a 24 volt outlet.  Blue Seas has a 12 volt cigarette style outlet but doesn't say anything about 24 volts.  


Am I missing something?  




Wanderer, SM#477


PS: I'm also thinking of repurposing one of the two prong outlets I have at the nav station for 24volts if I can't figure anything else out.



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