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Ryan Meador

I'd advise against wiring a cigarette lighter receptacle for 24V.  Inevitably (maybe the next owner), someone will plug in 12V equipment there and blow something up.  If you did want to do this, the receptacle itself is almost certainly able to tolerate it, and you likely don't have to halve the amperage vs 12V; most connectors are rated by current, not wattage, as long as you don't exceed the maximum voltage rating.  My boat has an actual cigarette lighter at the nav station that is wired for 24V.  I assume it is original -- there were a lot of smokers in 1998!  It is terrifying to me that a guest might accidentally plug into it, but it's also a neat piece of history.

To my knowledge, there is no standardized connector for 24VDC equipment.  The 2-prong things Amel has installed in a few places (I think the fan connectors others have mentioned?  my boat has no fans) are a de facto standard only on Amels, as far as I can tell.  That's what I would use if I could find more of them.  I don't know the part number.

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Vladimir,  thanks for your reply.  It seems reasonable if I don't go over half the rated 12V amps.

Eric,  My boat has 220 volt outlets at the aft cabin desk and in the aft head instead of 24 volt.  I had not thought of plugging it into the fan above the aft cabin desk though!  That will be good for a temporary solution.


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