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Patrick McAneny

Kent, I only did one , that's why I had some left over , I intend to do the rest. I am guessing 6ft. would do one hatch , so 25' would do 4 , better measure to be sure. If I can help by buying it and shipping to you let me know.
SM Shenanigans

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Thanks, Pat.
You said you had plenty left over and could have given me some. Do you know if it was more than 25 feet to do all four hatches?

S/V Kristy
Kent , Pretty sure this is what I bought and it fit perfectly , there is several sizes available , but I think 1/2" X 1/2" is what I ordered. Take a measurement of your hatches to be sure. It comes from 25 ft. to 100 ft. rolls. I had plenty on board, could have given to you in St. Michaels. Say Hi! to Iris .

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