Re: 24 Volt Outlet

We added one 24v Italian outlet (brown) below the 230v outlet above the desk in the aft cabin.

That's where the Lind/Mikegyver 24v to Apple Smart Connector for laptop converter plugs in, so we can use the laptop w/o having to turn on the inverter while at anchor.

We use one extra Italian plug to profit from the 24v outlet installed by the Amel factory above the refrigerator's countertop (i.e., starboardmost on the floor of the forward autopilot drive's cabinet), and which is powered by the same "stoplight"-icon breaker used to power the compass light.  We then run that cable topside and power iPads from it while sailing, although at anchor we've used it to power the laptop.


SM2K N. 350 (2002)
Herzliya Marina, Israel

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