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Hi Eric,
The cable reads "Silec Tenaflex SR 3G2.5mm2 USE H07 RNF 221".  That seems to pretty clearly mean the conductors are 2.5 sq mm, though if you think differently, please let me know.  This corresponds to approximately 13AWG, as you say.  The chart you linked does not list current limits, but the one I linked earlier does (if you fix the link. Yahoo seems to enjoy adding extra dots; it did the same for yours the first time).  I have not been able to divine the temperature rating of the wire, but 105°C does not seem unreasonable given the manufacturer claims it's good for high temperature environments (I contacted them early this week but haven't heard back).  Thus, I conclude from the table it rated for 26A under ABYC standards.  I do not know why this would be more permissive than USA building code, but I wonder if it might have something to do with the temperature rating.  I haven't been able to find a solid source for the temperature rating of Romex, but it sounds like it might be 60°C.

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Ryan are you meaning 2.5 mm diameter cable this is 10 gauge.  2.5 sq (cross section ) is something like 13 USA gauge.

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My shore power cable has 2.5 sq mm conductors, according to the printing on the jacket.  This ABYC wire sizing chart suggests the maximum current for a cable of 3 conductors of that size is 26A.  I was under the impression it's rated for 35A because when I plug in the relevant info into the ABYC wire size calculator app, it says "10AWG or 2.5 sq mm"...  But apparently the metric value is calculated according to ISO, not ABYC, standards.  So at least somebody thinks it's rated for that..  I haven't been able to figure out what standard the app is referring to as "ISO", so I have no idea if that's something safe to rely on.  I guess I'll have be more careful about my usage than I thought!  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.



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The variable start timer is a standard feature on most small marine AC units where the manufacturer would reasonably expect more than one unit to be installed on a boat.


If you have multiple AC units that are starting at the same time, dig into the manual.  You will most likely find a way to alter the timing so they stagger-start when powered up at the same time.


Climmia, Cruiseair, and MarinAire--among others--have this feature.


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