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James Sterling

Update, I installed the T series Sealand 24v.  Although the specs state that if mounted vertically it will be somewhat less efficient, I cannot see any functional difference.  This pump is equal in performance to the Jabsco that was on it.  Much quieter, in fact almost too quiet.  It only draws 3amps and has good suction.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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I used one of those Jabsco diaphragm pumps as a shower sump discharge.  I think it lasted about a year.  Sealand makes a pump that is much more robust than anything from Jabsco.  The T-series discharge pump is likely the one you would want.  Like this:

Technically, they are bellows pumps, not diaphragm pumps, and that is a good thing.  No diaphragm to tear or wear.  It is sometimes described as a "macerator" pump, but it is not, it does not need to be, it pumps all kinds of lumps and chunks without needing to chop it up.

I used one of these for 15 years as part of my Vacuflush toilet in daily use.  Changing the check valves occasionally was the only maintenance ever required.  The check valves are the same kind of joker valve used in toilets.

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My boat has a Jabsco Model 59090-0012 Diaphragm pump that has failed.  The pump is no longer manufactured.  Parts may be difficult to find.  Can anyone recommend a replacement diaphragm pump?

James Sterling

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