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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi everyone;
FYI, the pricing I received from Brunton direct in England was much better than the one received from the US distributor on the east coast. I ordered a complete rebuild kit plus misc other parts. The shipping was reasonable and quick. Very nice helpful people.
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I have a client located near you that is looking for a SM.

My fees are paid by my clients and I am not a broker. 

Let me know.


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In case my original post was unclear:
If you want to buy a plastic cap fro your Autoprop you can get it here:

King Propulsion, Virgina Beach, Virginia, USA tel. +1 757 962 9219

kingpropulsion dot com
About $36.00 US plus shipping for the H-6 Autoprop plastic cap with fasteners

By way of further information, both King Propulsion in Virginia, USA and AB Marine in Rhode Island, USA are authorized Brunton's distributors. When I called AB Marine I was told the plastic cap was unavailable and the zinc cap was about $40.00 US plus shipping. When I called King Propulsion I was told that they would get me the plastic cap right away and ship it in a few days, and that if I wanted a zinc cap I should just order it from boatzincs"dot"com for under $20.00US because if I they sold it to me they would have to charge me about double that amount.

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