Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Measurement of 1 interior panel of window covering.

James Studdart

Our saloon window curtains are 85cm x 33cm. Is that what you needed?

SeaBean SM344
Moorea, FP
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Could someone measure 1 panel of a SM window “curtain”either in inches or cm’s? I eyeballed an overall yardage, assuming a 60 cm horizontal repeat, before we left the US. But I found a fabric here in Italy that I may need less of!

BTW, we visited the Amel factory in La Rochelle last week. Very impressive and gave me even greater respect for the quality workmanship that goes into an Amel. Currently, there are 3 models that Amel is producing: 50, 55, & 64. Evidently, Amel only wants to produce 2 models. They hope that the 50 makes a great splash at the Dusseldorf Boat Show. It is a very comfortable boat that measures 6 meters at the beam!

The new designer (last 3 years) has dramatically changed the exterior and the boat lines are sleeker. Not even a rub rail!

Many thanks,
SM353 Indecent

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