Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Dive Compressor location suggestions.

webercardio <webercardio@...>

Hello Porter,
I have my Bauer compressor in the middle  of the lazarette, fixed with 4 lines at 4 points. I have to wind it up with the halyard and electric winch on the deck for filling up the tanks. So the compressor has a good ventilation to cool and the airinlet is protected from CO/CO2. The compressor is in the lazarett a deeper place of the boat and I can use the cockpit for other things.I would never remove anything or the dryer installed by Amel.
If you do not use your compressor on sea or daily , I am very satisfied with my solution. 

Safe sailing and diving to all Ameliens. 

Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54 #162 Marina di Ragusa Italy 

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