Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Dive Compressor location suggestions.

Porter McRoberts

Thanks Eric.
Sorry, the boat info was tiny and hard to see under the photo, but it’s a 54-Hull 152. 
I do think there is a 230 outlet in the aft Laz port side on a ledge there. 
I will check to make absolutely certain it’s not a 24v. 
Where is the 230 outlet in the cockpit locker?
I appreciate your help

Ibis, Fort Lauderdale

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You did not identify what model boat you have. However, if it is a Super Maramu, the factory mounted it in the port cockpit locker.

Also, looking at the plug on the compressor it seems to be a 220 volt compressor. On my AC panel there is a circuit breaker for the compressor. If I am not mistaken the outlet in the stern locker is a 24 volt outlet , used to inflate your dinghy.


Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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I’m wondering if the group has suggestions for the location of a dive compressor.

There seems to be a plug in the starboard side aft lazarette, but that puts a lot of weight in the aft, and negates the ability to mount the outboard in the laz.

Delos seems to have it in the engine compartment: I guess they took apart a Bauer.  I have yet to see if it would fit..

I’ve also thought of removing the rather innefectuar dryer and install it forward.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Greatly appreciated.






Porter McRoberts
S/V Ibis: Amel 54-#152
Ft. Lauderdale






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