Servicing Lewmar 58 winches - need help

Steve Bode

Hi everyone, This is my first email to the group! Please help!

I've serviced all my Lewmar winches on my 1994 Super Maramu except the big, electric Lewmar 58s. The service instructions I have tell me that after removing the drum, remove the screws holding the center stem to the motor base. I was unable to loosen them. Blew up a impact driver trying to do so. Left no other option, I set about trying to remove the entire winch to bring to the welder who claims he can get those pesky corroded screws out by welding a bolt to each screw and using a spanner (wrench) to remove them. So, I've removed the electric drive and flange that attaches to the drive shaft sleeve and finally, removed the nuts from the bolts that pass through the deck. But now I'm stopped. 

My questions are:

Anyone else have this experience? If you have, I'm so sorry. Let's start a support group.
Is the base glued to the deck or is the sealant just like mortar?
Are there any other components holding the base to the deck?
Any suggestions for getting under the base and removing the winch?
Should I bang on the screws from underneath? drive a screw drive under the base?

Here are some pictures of my status.

Starboard winch center stem and drive base immediately after removing the drum:

Underside of the starboard electric winch:

Steve Bode
SV Intention
Amel SM117
Almerimar, Spain

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