Re: Thomson washing machine and Amelyachtowners-Messages

Stephan Regulinski

Anne and John,

Thank you for the advice. It was fun searching through the old
postings (and even finding a bunch of postings that I had written).
Unfortunately, an answer was not to be found. The manual in the files
section is a nice find, since the manual delivered with the boat is in
French and requires consulting my wife every time I need info. The
diagram is actually a bunch of drawings that belong with the users'

I did find an illustrated parts catalogue on the internet for a model
closely related to the Australe 3, which I will post when I get the
time. Parts for the Australe 3 seem to be easily available on French
and Dutch internet sites, if you can find some way to translate.


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<annejohn@...> wrote:

Hello there,
If you put the machine in the search box you will find five messages
which are not very helpful. However if you go to "Files" you will find
complete collection of all the messages from the time the Group started
up to Spring 2007. I have never looked at this before because I thought
it was only an index. In fact it is a fount of information well worth
speed reading through to see the vast amount of collective experience
stored in the files.
Thank you, Richard, for putting this all in the files section for easy
So far as the washing machine manual and also the wiring diagram are
concerned these are also available in the files section. I hope that
this will solve your problem. If not, you might find something if you
Google it in various ways.

Good hunting, Anne and John, SM 319

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