Re: Servicing Lewmar 58 winches - need help


Whoops, forgot the photos.  Here they are:

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Okay, folks. I got the winches off the deck, but someone’s got some ‘spainin’ to do. The bolts that hold the center stem to the base go all the way through the deck. NOT what the manual says. For people who try to service their Lewmar 58 electric winches on their Amel Super Maramu, beware, they might not be installed as Lemar suggests and are therefore UNSERVICABLE.

After my experience with the port winch that tool better than a day, I was able to remove the port winch in under 20 minutes. Simply remove the four 13mm bolts that hold the electric drive to the drive shaft flange and then remove the 6 allen bolts that retain the flange. I used a knife to cut away some of the caulking around the drive shaft before prying the unit off. To do that, you’ll need a piece of metal to protect the deck before hammering a screwdriver under the entire winch and base.

Now I’ll take them over the welder who will weld the nuts back on the end of the seized bolts so that I can twist the bolts loose. We’ll then cut the bolts in half to remove and replace them. I’ll let you know how that goes…

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