Mast prebend Amel 54


Hello fellow Amelians, 

I notice that nearly all the Amels including the 54, which I have, do not have any prebend in the main mast.

A professional rigger in Antigua, who is very well qualified and rigs huge mega yachts, thinks that the boat would benefit by some prebend. This would be done primarily by tightening the staysail stay and easing the aft lowers. It would he says improve windward performance. I have seen his work on an Amel 54 and I have to admit it looks right. I have spoken with the owner who says it has improved windward performance dramatically. 

So I am keen to try this but I do have some reservations. I am concerned that any prebend that I introduce may cause trouble with the in mast furling possibly jamming. I know for example that if the mainsail clew is lashed too low to the outhaul car then the sail is prone to jamming. I have tried this and if it is as little as 5cm lower than the tack the sail jams. So I fear that by introducing mast prebend I might have problems.

On the other hand a modest amount of prebend might indeed be fine and improve performance. 

Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

Nick S/Y Amelia 

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