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Beaute Olivier

Hello Vladimir, and all the SA/SM owners potentially interested in "AMEL" genoa furlers,

AMEL was the designer, but the units and parts were manufactured in Switzerland.
I recently got in touch with the manufacturer of these furlers. The company name is VIKASA ENGINEERING, located in La-Chaux-de Fonds/Switzerland. 
The email contact is: vikasa.vignando@...
The man who knows all about it is Mr. Vignando. The problem is he doesn't speak and write much english.

I asked him a parts list with prices that I hope to get soon.

However, I'm not keen on dealing parts (shipping, etc...) and I have little time for that, so maybe one of you speaking both english and french could help the owners who would like to purchase parts...?

I will revert with the parts list asap.


On Saturday, January 20, 2018 5:49 PM, "Vladimir Sonsev sonsev52@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

Yes, I am in Le Marin.
Amel does not have gears in stock now. Lead time now for making the gears is many months. We are going to buildup gear teeth by welding. I consider this a temporary fix. 

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Are you still in Le Marin? Amel can fix the motor for you.
With best regards,
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My headsail furling failed. Steel worm gear needs replacement.
I wonder if someone can sell me a worm gear, or worm gear with a matting brass gear, or used headsail furling unit all together.
Please advice where I can buy those items or good replacement for Amel furling unit.

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