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Jean Boucharlat


Visual inspection of the board didn’t give any indication of its status and
I do not know of any specialized testing equipment available to laymen like
us. I came to my conclusion only through logical elimination of all probable
causes confirmed by phone discussion of the issue with Jean-Yves Selo (now
retired but, at the time, in the position occupied by Olivier Beauté).

I got the replacement part form Amel but, although the machine was just
about one year old, the manufacturer had already changed the size of the
board (it became about half-size) but, most importantly, had also changed
the connectors. As figuring out the functions of all the wires was way
beyond my capabilities, I had to wait until the boat reached Japan where a
good friend of mine, who is a very capable electronic technician, was able
to sort everything out.

As a consequence, if you order from Amel, I would suggest that you send them
all appropriate data (machine number, year of build, etc.) plus a photo of
the board and its connectors, as well as the physical dimensions of the
board so that they can make sure they get the right part from the

Good luck and best regards,

Jean Boucharlat
Formerly : Satchimi SM 232

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I was hoping for better news, but I am worried that your posting is the
most likely explanation. How did you know the electronic control board
was blown? Is it obvious by inspection; can you test for it; or does it
take specialized test equipment?

Where did you get the replacement part from?

Thanks for taking the time to post.

Kind regards,


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Alternatively, and I do hope this is not the case with you, it could
be the
current frequency. It happened to me in Hawaï where the washing
machine ran
on shore power at 60Hz (as opposed to the European 50Hz it's
designed to
work on) and blew its electronic control board. I had to change the
board, located, if my recollection is correct, at the bottom
right-hand side
of the machine.

Best regards,

Jean Boucharlat

Formerly : Satchimi SM 232

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It could be a voltage issue.

The same happened to me here in one of the Caribbean islands
where the shore voltage was insufficient.

If the problem has manifested itself on shore power try running
off your generator.

Hope this solves your problem.

Best regards,

Frank Newton
Bootlegger of Mann

SM2000 #321

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Does anyone have the repair manual for the Thomson Australe 3 washing
machine (used on the SMM)? Mine will not start. I push the start
button, the red light comes on, then nothing: no water, no mechanical
sounds, no electrical sounds, nada. A few seconds later the red light
goes off.

Delos (SMM #303)

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