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Hi to all,
Excalibur (SM # 195) is in Lanzarote, and we plan to cross to
Caribbean in late Nov./early Dec. Anyone else crossing this year?
After 6 years in Europe, using a GSM cellphone to stay in
we're heading for terra incognita as far as cell phone
goes. What have some of you found useful in the Caribbean?
We have an Iridium sat phone, but are looking for other options
for family & friends to reach us on the boat.
Any ideas would be appreciated, or web sites to check out.
Thanks, Roy
the ARC is leaving from grand canarie island about the time you want
to leave.
we will be leaving grand canarie about january 8 for the caribbean.
i have found that a mini-m sat phone is the most reliable although
it is also the most expensive.
a regular usa cell phone with at&t service works well in the us and
british virgin islands. i can't speak for the southern caribbean.
fair winds
eric freedman

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