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Hi Christian
please could you tell me where Yacht Port Cartagena is situated ?  If you have the coordinated it is much easier.
Thank you

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yacht port Cartagena is open to all boats; slightly more expensive than the neighbouring one reserved mostly for resident boats.
very good berths with easy access, well orientated for prevailing winds & close to a lively & historical city.
facilities not up to spanish standards met in Barcelona or other ports in Spain, but cheaper price also.
Worth the stop over; we did early october 2017 & enjoyed every mn of it.

christian alby - Désirade VIII - Maramu 116 - now in Le Marin Martinique

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Dear Amelians,
do you know the marinas in Cartagena? I see three of them on the net. Is there any that you recommend or avoid?
Thanks for sharing your insights!
Best Regards,
Alex Ramseyer

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