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christian alby <calbyy@...>

replacing a Perkins M 4.154 on an Amel boat means you boat is a Maramu ? 
I have to replace my engine in the near future either by new engine, Volvo D2-55 no turbo was the choice as it fits the engine room supports & adapts on the propeller shaft without too much fiddling.
Power of the 55 HP is more than enough on my propeller, dia.20 - pitch 16 - drive ratio 2.73 / 1 - for port moves, battery charge, & pulling out of strong (5 knots) current or dead calm weather.
Worth to check before committing

one thing I might be interested in is to buy back you old M 4.54 engine if in running condition; would then be able to rebuild & keep as spare for my boat to replace existing one every 2 years, & therefore save a little on engine change over for new, to use on extra hours of sailing time; would you be selling ? or already booked to someone else ?

& fair winds to come soon 

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we try to replace our Perkins 4154 with a Volvo d2-60. However, there are problems. We have to shorten the engine foundation by 8 cm in height so that the gearbox fits the shaft. We are not sure if this is a good idea. Today they get the old engine out of the boot.


The engine has 4500 engine hours. Is it better to do the old engine back or shorten the foundation and take the new engine. Or has anyone an idea for an other solution?

We want to start sailing in may for same years

Maren, SY Ariadne, Germany


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