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There is a small relay that is connected in-line before the alternator. This relay controls the excite circuit of the alternator. One side of the relay is 12VDC from your engine...the other side of the relay is 24VDC. Your alternator needs to be excited with 24VDC.

Either there is a loose wire on the relay or in that circuit, or the relay needs replacing.

You didn't post where you are so I can't recommend a source of help.


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I have this alternator my Amel 54 number 019. I notice that it does not kick in to charge until about 1500 RPM then it kicks in and I can throttle back.


Is this normal?

If not could it be a case of the residual magnetism being low or a problem with the excitation?

If it is normal then great I need not worry.

Nick S/Y Amelia

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