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Craig Briggs

The spec sheet on that alternator says the cut-in RPM is 2000 (that's the alternator's rpm, which is faster than the engine's in proportion to pulley size), so it sounds like all is normal. You don't say if it works fine after it cuts in, but if so it sounds like your alternator is working as it should. Was there some new or different odd behavior that prompted your question and makes you suspect there is a problem?
Cheers, Craig Briggs, SN#68 (Btw, on my Perkins factory standard alternator there's a timing circuit that delays cut-in to avoid presenting a high load to the engine on starting.)

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Yes, I believe any alternator will self-excite at higher revs.

One side of the relay has 12VDVC input when the engine start switch is turned to ON. The other side of the relay switches ON 24VDC to excite the alternator.

It is likely a loose or dirty connection on the relay.

Some Amels had the red warning light for the alternator wired in series with the excite circuit, and if that bulb were burned-out, the alternator will not excite. To be on the safe side, check that bulb, which on a SM is located on the bottom left of the 24 Volt panel. 


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Hi Bill,

The boat is in Antigua, but I am in the UK for the moment. So you suspect that the excitation circuit needs to be checked. If this is the case I guess it self excites at the higher rpm. Would you agree?


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