Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Leece Neville 175 A 24v alternator


Thanks to everyone for your comments. My impression is that it used to kick in at low rpm on the engine but now needs 1500. So my conclusion is that the excitation circuit has a minor fault but that it self excites at higher rpm, and then once excited it charges as it should even if one throttles back to  idle (700 rpm) although obviously at a low output. There may be other things going on, like the residual magnetism has been lost. On my last boat this happened and I "flashed" the alternator as described by Nigel Calder which sorted it out. Thing is, I am in the UK for the next few months and can not play around with it. 

 This is a great group, lots of knowledge out there!


Nick S/Y Amelia Amel 54 hull 019

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